Lanthanum Entertainment

“Discover, Explore, Have Fun”

Welcome to Lanthanum Entertainment’s Homepage.

Lanthanum Entertainment is an application, game and resource development entity founded by Engr. Adiktuzmiko. It’s goal is to make game making resources, simple applications and games. Most of the resources are for RPG Maker and most of the games are made in RPG Maker.

Lanthanum Entertainment releases games for free and would continue to do so until such time that a need for commercialization arises and if the conditions permit.

For Blog posts:
Lanthanum Entertainment Blog Posts

For Games:
Phantasma Omnis

For Script and Graphic resources:
Lanthanum Entertainment Scripts

For Stories and Write-ups:
The Adiktuz Scrolls

For Food Blog:
Lanthanum Foods

If you wish to contact Lanthanum Entertainment,
send an email to:

Please use a meaningful subject when sending an email, I get a number of junk emails everyday so I don’t simply open anything I receive.

Engr. Adiktuzmiko also accepts script commissions on a case to case basis. For inquiries contact me at RPG Maker Web


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